Full Plastic Jacket
 is an OpFor & Scenario Paintball team that provide OpFor services for military and law enforcement agencies, travels to national scenario paintball events, and supports local paintball games. We promote safe, honorable play for all ages. The team is based in Morehead, Kentucky with members from various Kentucky counties. We host local paintball games, operated as supervised events for maximum enjoyment and safety at no extra cost other than a player's own supplies (check out the Team Calendar or subscribe to our Google Calendar for any team dates). If you are interested in joining our team Contact Us.

FPJ has finished the third stage of construction on our home field, Valley Forge

An OpFor & Scenario Paintball Team

FPJ Is a team dedicated to having fun and enjoying the game of paintball, but we don't just play paintball to have fun.  Our members are equipped and trained to operate as professional OpFor (Opposing Force) members to help facilitate and enhance the training activities of our local ROTC Program and other US Military Units.